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  • 22 ounces Selvedge Denim
  • Kibata - Loomstate
  • Unsinged - Uncalendered - Unsanforized
  • Milled in Japan by KAIHARA
  • Rope Dyed Pure Indigo
  • Semi-Natural Dyed Weft Using Sappan/Mangroove Mixture
  • Medium Tension Weave
  • 100% Australian Cotton
  • Signature Copper Lame Selvedge Line
  • 10th Anniversary Special Asanoha Pattern Interlining
  • Natural Hand Dyed Interlining Fabric
  • Yoke Interlining Construction
  • Continuous Selvedge Fly
  • Embroidered Backpocket with Elemental Color Threads
  • Element Colored Coinpocket Stitching
  • Element Colored Inseam Stitching
  • Double Embossed Asanoha Pattern Leatherpatch
  • YKK-Japan Double Plated Button
  • YKK-Japan Double Plated Rivets
  • Black Tab on The Back Pocket


-This jeans is very thick, rough and stiff. Expect a bit of difficulties to button up the jeans after the initial soak process.
-Please do it slowly to avoid injuring your fingers, it will loosen and widen over time.
- If desired, you can stick in a marker pen inside the buttonhole to force it stretch out to make the buttoning process easier.

- We did not accept hemming request for this jeans before initial soak process because of the stiffness and thickness of this jeans.

    Pre-order period:
  • 28 October 2021 - 11 November 2021

  • Estimated delivery time:
  • 11 - 14 December 2021
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    Handwoven Natural Dye Fabric for Reinforced Yoke and Pocket Interliningt

    Double Embossed Asanoha Patterened Leatherpatch

    Selvedge Continuous Fly

    Fundamental Arcuate